Low Blood Sugar
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Low Blood Sugar
(Ken Ficara) Licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Creative Commons License

Ken Ficara: Harmonica, loops, sampler, synthesizer

Produced by Ken Ficara

Recorded on Park Place

I built this basic loop stubbornly, putting off stopping for dinner, until I was almost lightheaded. Hence the name. The loop (which doesn't start until about 1:00 -- it's preceded by some distorted harp-wanking) was built in a Roland sampler, then sent to an EHX multi-track loop system I've been experimenting with. I used the sampler to record the drum part (live) on another track, and then played a theremin-style synthesizer onto the fourth track. Then played live harp, sometimes pushing it through a filter and playing with the cutoff. I also fed the main loop back through the filter sometimes as well.