Derangement (Blues In 1/e)
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Derangement (Blues In 1/e)
(Ken Ficara) Licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Creative Commons License

Ken Ficara: Harmonica, loops

Produced by Ken Ficara

Recorded on Park Place

Three basic loops, fed through a tape-echo style delay. I played with the rolloff and decay level, allowing some of the loops to get extremely distorted, and also adjusted the delay length on the fly to match the phrases I was playing. (You can hear this in process, since it takes a little while to settle in properly; I’m increasing or decreasing the delay time as I sync my live playing with the delayed phrase being played back). This may or may not have some unintentional resemblance to the mathematical problem of derangement, which is the question of how to permute objects so that none of them have their original positions. (As the number of objects gets larger, the probability tends to 1/e, e being Euler’s number.)