The End Of the Day
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The End Of the Day
(Ken Ficara) Copyright © 2004 Ken Ficara

Ken Ficara: Vocals, guitar, harmonicas

Produced and engineered
by Ken Ficara

Recorded at home

Do you remember the Lone Star, that big iguana looking down All the hippies at Wetlands with the Volkswagen bus in the lounge All those years of music, times we'll never forget Someone made a better offer and that was the end of that
Yeah you play good music, ask me if I care I got some money to make and I want you out of there
When it came down to the Bottom Line it was all about real estate You won't be sittin at those tables no more with your knees in your face Sing a blues for the Abilene, Manny's and Chicago B.L.U.E.S. And old Dan Lynch how we miss ya, down on Second Avenue
At the end of the day, the landlords all say I'm losing all my money, I gotta close this old place down But at the end of the day it's just night We're losing what makes this town bright When the music's gone the real estate won't make as sweet a sound
You can't dance, you can't smoke, what are these laws good for? We're building a city of fast food and giant chain drugstores Live music is dying but the muzak is going strong This town will be one big mall before too long But head out to Williamsburg, to Dumbo and Red Hook Used to be abandoned buildings, now the music's starting to cook And the rent's going up, old people moving away Someone oughta open up a Starbuck's, I bet they could make it pay
Yes we play good music, and you're goddamned right we care But the landlord's closed us down, so I'm sorry but we're outta here