Fried, A Night
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Fried, A Night
(Ken Ficara)
Licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Creative Commons License

Ken Ficara: Harmonica, loops, Moog ring modulator

Produced by Ken Ficara

Recorded on South Hill

This simple piece began as an experiment with my recently acquired Moog ring modulator. I built a drone up by layering the same note on a low F harmonica. The ring modulator was more or less tuned to the note, and the rest of the modulation is just my attack and embrochure. Then I kicked up the modulator frequency quite a bit, and played some very gentle riffs on the same harmonica, up higher, varying the LFO amount with an expression pedal. I sampled the drone, and some of the riffs, into the Kaoss Pad, and use one of its nicer delay settings. That was then looped into the EHX, still my most frequently used looper. I like the textures of this piece, and the combination of very gentle playing on a low harp with the harsh edge of the ring mod.