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(Ken Ficara) Copyright © 2006 Ken Ficara

Ken Ficara: Vocals, guitar, harmonica, bass harmonica

Produced by Ken Ficara

Recorded on Park Place

We're running out of oil and the climate's changing Gas costs three bucks a gallon and change and It's hard to imagine anything dumber Than spending fifty thousand dollars on a Hummer "It's my money," you like to say But General Motors took your money away They're getting rich, and you're being wasteful For half the price you could have had something tasteful
Driving in your Hummer -- You can't keep it in lane Parking is a bummer -- It's crooked again! High up in your Hummer -- You can't even see Down the road you lumber -- ridiculously
Soldiers in Iraq drive Hummers every day Hoping the insurgents don't blow them away Do you think about them as you drive to the store? Is your big toy truck worth a long bloody war? It's got a yellow ribbon magnet that you stuck on the back I'm sure that means a lot to those troops in Iraq But who are you supporting as you fill up the tank The terrorists are laughing all the way to the bank
And you're driving your Hummer -- you don't care Sure the war's a bummer -- but it's way over there High up in your Hummer -- You don't have to see Down the road you lumber -- callously
Our navigator got us lost Chose to Escalade despite the cost The Commander was full of hot air The Excursion got us nowhere
No one drives Hummers any more Since they banned SUVs at the end of the war You sold it for scrap and bought a little car Still your gasoline ration doesn't go very far You sit in the dark in the daily blackout Wishing you could take the Hummer back out Wishing you were still the biggest one on the block Wishing that America could turn back the clock
Wishing for your Hummer -- wishing you could stand tall Every day you wonder -- how we lost it all High up in your Hummer -- and you never did see Down the road you blundered -- arrogantly Down the road you blundered -- cluelessly