Dear Leader
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Dear Leader
(Ken Ficara) Copyright © 2006 Ken Ficara

Ken Ficara: Vocals, guitar, harmonica

Produced by Ken Ficara

Recorded on Park Place

When I was young, we used to have elections We'd cast our ballots, wait to see who'd won They'd have debates, and reporters could ask questions And voting was allowed for everyone Oh yes, it was a mess; that's no way to run a nation But now we do things more efficiently No lawsuits, no recounts, no pointless agitation Just one man who listens to our plea
Dear leader, help us out, tell us what to do Dear leader we've no doubt, we'll just follow you We don't want to vote, we don't care about our rights Just keep us safe dear leader, president for life
Our leader runs the country for the citizens and patriots Not for all those whiners we despise Journalists and scientists, atheists and terrorists We no longer listen to their lies We locked those traitors up, because freedom isn't free Our leader must ensure security Proclaiming victory as we watch him on TV Spreading our great democracy [Chorus] Now the news is always good, and the press supports the nation We don't have to think about the issues Global warming, foreign policy, health care and taxation Dear leader, you decide, and we'll be with you No more wondering who's the winner on election night Our leader has support across the land He shows us pretty pictures, tells us everything's all right Behind him, united, we stand [Chorus]