Unreal #3 (Pachelbel's Changes)
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Unreal #3 (Pachelbel's Changes)
(Ken Ficara) Licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Creative Commons License

Ken Ficara: Harmonica, loops

Produced by Ken Ficara

Recorded on Park Place

An improvisation based on the "Mustang Sally" of Baroque music, Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. Like "Mustang Sally," it's still a great piece of music no matter how overplayed. This piece really only uses the base melody (or chord progression, as I think of it) and owes something to Brian Eno's deconstructions of this piece on Discreet Music, particularly "Fullness Of Wind."

This is about trust, about diving into something, starting with something you know is good and trusting the rest to (more or less) happen right. Parts of it are out of sync (sometimes deliberately, in homage to Eno's "Fullness Of Wind" and other variations on this piece), and sometimes by accident. It's not what I imagined, but I like it very much.