The Severance Reel
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The Severance Reel
(Ken Ficara) Copyright © 2008 Ken Ficara

Ken Ficara: Harmonica, guitar, vocal

Kari Denis: Fiddle

Tricia Khleif: Harmony vocals

Recorded Live at Ashokan, August 2008

20 years of climbing Up the corporate chain 20 years of knowing Things would always be the same 20 years of "I can't go "Tonight I'm working late." 20 years when life and music Always had to wait
But now I've walked away from it Now I've signed the deal Now I'm free to lift my feet And dance the severance reel
I worked down by the river But I never smelled the sea The windows they were sealed shut I could hardly breathe No time to sit outside Or watch the water flow The ships went sailing by And I never got to go Corporate halls and conference calls Reports and presentations An ID card around your neck And two weeks of vacation Wasting time in meetings Fighting bureaucrats Making rich men richer While they cut our benefits I could have worked for years Hoping for retirement And then the boss could lay me off Leave me without a cent I'll take my time while I still have it Do what I should do And if I've made a big mistake Then I'll do something new