Song For a Snowy Sunday Night
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Song For a Snowy Sunday Night
(Ken Ficara) Copyright © 2007 Ken Ficara

Ken Ficara: Vocals, guitar

Live demo recording

The bartender listens and she gives advice for free I feel like I'm in a bad country song I've got a whiskey in front of me, a love affair behind me And over my head all the things that I've done wrong
How did it come to this? Come on get serious I'm saying to myself
There was a woman who cared for me, but we didn't care enough We couldn't talk to each other whenever it got rough But the bartender don't ask for much and she's got a lovely smile So I order another drink and sit and talk to her awhile
But she hardly knows me I don't need her pity Gotta get hold of myself
And she lights up the fire as the snow begins to fall People come in from the cold and she's glad to see them all They laugh and order drinks and brush the snow out of their hair And I'm sitting in the corner wondering what I'm doing there She's serving hot chocolate, spiked with Haitian rum She comes down to where I'm sitting, just to bring me some I thank her and she smiles and she starts to touch my hand But someone needs a refill and she's on the run again
I can sit here in my corner, or face the cold alone Avoiding hard decisions is what left me on my own So I leave my money on the bar and I get up to go "Don't you have a hat" she asks as I head into the snow
I gotta be on my way It won't get better this way Gotta live with myself
The snow sifts through the subway grates, the platform's edged in white At home I watch the snowflakes dancing in the streetlights The road outside is quiet, there's not a single car Reflected moonlight shines on the top of my guitar
Gotta pick it up and play It's gonna get better this way Gonna sing for myself And the snow is coming down The guitar is the only sound...